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Acupuncture works! When all other treatments for ten years of lower back pain failed, I returned to acupuncture and Dr. Hilbert. After a brief consultation and exam, Dr. hilbert applied acupuncture to areas of my scalp targeting lower back pain. In literally less than five minutes, my pain was GONE!

I limped into her office barely able to move my back, wearing a back brace and leaning on a cane. I walked out with no braces, no cane and NO PAIN! Dr. Hilbert is knowledgeable and kind, her staff is helpful and warm and my experience with her practice has been amazingly positive. I can't recommend Dr. Hilbert and acupuncture highly enough!

Lana White

Dr. Burton Young is Amazing! He and his wife really know what they are doing. Their staff is the best in the business. They are welcoming, accommodating, understanding, knowledgeable and so very helpful! I tell everyone I know to go see them kid they are seeking chiropractic, acupuncture or massage needs! <3

D Kelvy

I had extreme excruciating low Back pain, right Knee pain and Tailbone pain a few weeks ago. I had tried everything I knew but had gotten No Relief and was desperate for help! Dr. Hilbert, in the first treatment, Greatly Relieved all of my symptoms, with Acupuncture and Adjustments! Dr. Hilbert really listens and goes the 'extra mile' and I felt truly cared for. Now I am pain free!

Nancy Reed

I have nothing but good things to say about Dr Young and the staff here. I have gone in periodically (not as often as I should) over the past few years for back and neck adjustments, and even once to fix a dislocated shoulder that was still paining me after a few weeks. Between team sports and weightlifting, my body takes a regular beating, and muscle soreness and joint pain are pretty much constant companions. Dr Young and the massage therapists can be counted on to help get me back to where I need to be. Also, the new office is beautiful :)

Erin Keating

I've been a patient at West Chester Acupuncture and Chiropractic for about 3 years now. Dr. Young is a caring, thorough doctor who gives a great adjustment! It may be too good, as I often only need 1 or 2 appointments to take care of my occasional back issues. I've also had a massage by Jeff. It was thorough and effective. Jeff takes the time to stretch out problem areas as well as massage the tissue. I highly recommend them!

Brian Clark

I’m so pleased with my experiences here! Went in with low back pain and hip pain that was preventing exercise, sleep and worst of all not able to ride my horse. I felt very fast results - pain decreased, and increased flexibility almost right away. Sleep has even improved because I am not waking up with aching joints. Dr. Hilbert and the whole staff are extremely friendly and knowledgeable. Scheduling is very flexible, appointments are always right on time and I look forward to going there. Thank you to everyone there for helping me to feel better so I can keep doing the things I love to do!

Amy O.

I have been coming for a couple months now to the office due to back pain and have now seen both Dr. Young and Dr. Hilbert for adjustments as well as acupuncture and they are amazing! They both are very knowledgeable about what they do and their non-pharmacological techniques have been pretty effective for me. They take time to talk to me, find out my concerns, and don’t hesitate to do patient teaching and give suggestions on what I can do to help my healing process. The office is very family oriented and the front desk staff is always nice and greets me with a smile. They’ve made me feel comfortable from day one. I love it here😌

AMB Brown

I have been going to Dr. Hilbert for a few years now for acupuncture to help with back and leg pain. When I discovered I had a herniated disc we decided to also try chiropractic care. Within just a few weeks I was so much improved and now, 2 months later I have very little pain! Dr. Hilbert and her husband Dr. Young have been working together to help me and they are a perfect team! I am so thankful for the care they have given me and highly recommend them!

Roberta Blanton

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