Acupuncture Evaluation


Historically, the cornerstone of Acupuncture diagnosis is pulse examination of the twelve primary meridians to determine the balance. The ancient method of diagnosis is giving way to a modern, electronic, computer enhanced evaluation known as "Electro Meridian Imaging (EMI). The doctor places an electronic probe on the skin over specific acupoints. The patient does not feel anything during the examination. By way of a sensitive metering device, the electropotential of the point is measured. Once the exam is completed, a graph of the 12 primary meridians is established which displays the appropriate treatment. This is the method we use in our office to evaluate the appropriate Acupuncture treatment. It is objective, reliable and accurate. This technique was established over 50 years ago and initially referred to as Ryodoraku.

There are several methods of stimulating an acupuncture point. In our office we have two treatment methods available that are equally effective by the insertion of needles or by laser with electrical stimulation at very precise acupuncture points.

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