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Acupuncture works! When all other treatments for ten years of lower back pain failed, I returned to acupuncture and Dr. Hilbert. After a brief consultation and exam, Dr. hilbert applied acupuncture to areas of my scalp targeting lower back pain. In literally less than five minutes, my pain was GONE!

I limped into her office barely able to move my back, wearing a back brace and leaning on a cane. I walked out with no braces, no cane and NO PAIN! Dr. Hilbert is knowledgeable and kind, her staff is helpful and warm and my experience with her practice has been amazingly positive. I can't recommend Dr. Hilbert and acupuncture highly enough!

Lana White

After having experienced the amazing results of acupuncture I would like to share my story with others.

I had been feeling tired and run-down for quite some time; my back was aching so bad it hurt to stand up straight, I thought I was just overworked, but no matter how much I rested I just didn't feel good. Dr. Julie Hilbert was highly recommended to me for chiropractic treatment. I had never been to chiropractor before and wasn't sure what to expect. At my first visit I explained to Dr. hilbert my symptoms. Dr. Hilbert started chiropractic therapy on my first visit; she also suggested that I might benefit from acupuncture therapy.

Not being familiar with acupuncture, she gave me a brief explanation of the history and procedure involved. She told me that it wasn't painful and didn't necessarily have to involved needles. Dr. Hilbert showed me the needle-less acupuncture, which involved the use of a laser beam combined with electrical stimulation. She applied it to my fingertip and as a result of the stimulation; I could feel a sense of vibration down my finger crossing where i had a burn that would not heal. She said she could also do it so I didn't feel a thing, laser with microcurrent, then continued to demonstrate which took about 30 seconds. I told Dr. hilbert I would think about the acupuncture therapy but definitely wanted to try the chiropractic therapy for the time being.

Then the most amazing thing happened! I had gone back to work after that first vivit and about 2 hours later I happened to glance down a my wrist, I couldn't believe it! The burn was suddenly starting to scab!!! My body was starting to heal!

When I went back for my next visit a couplr days later I told Dr. Hilbert about this; she was happy for me, but not all that surprised. I was so impressed with how quickly my body responded to such a slight treatment on my fingertip that I scheduled to have the whole body acupuncture scan and treatment. After a few chiropractic and acupuncture treatments I felt great. I had energy again and could move freely without pain.

Acupuncture worked for me, it is one my first alternatives when I consider medical treatment.

Cindy Cappel

Before I met you I was in pain for six years. I have had a neck problem and it just wouldn't go away. I have had some success with massage therapy and a wonderful husband who rubbed my neck every night but now he's free, you have changed all that.

I met with you. You did your evaluation and an acupuncture visit and for four days I had little to no pain. It was 80% - 90% better. I couldn't believe it. It went from a knife stabin the neck to paper cut. What relief.

Your staff are outstanding. You are so knowledgeable and gentle with your treatments. I am looking for the 100% cure and I am going to stay with you till it happens.

Thanks for sharing your skills with our community.

Brenda Corbett

I'm writing this to rave about Dr Julie Hilbert!

About a month and a half ago I brought my 6 yr old daughter, Lynzie, to Dr Hilbert because she was having some ADHD-like behaviors such as anxiety, anger, and some learning issues. When she would get angry or frustrated, she'd bang her head and scream and cry (this happened every day, and sometimes, several times a day). She was also not able to read any of the kindergarten words that she should have been able to read by then and when I'd try to get her to try to read the simplest words (am, me, it, etc) she'd shut down because it frustrated her so much.

Dr Hilbert explained how Acupressure could work for her, and she explained that it is NEEDLELESS so she wouldn't feel a thing while she was receiving the treatment. So we tried it.

It was the best thing ever, and I wish I had done it sooner. We had unbelievable results! After ONE treatment, there was no head banging. None. She was so much more calm and relaxed - I was amazed. The treatment itself was like a spa treatment to Lynzie. The room is so calm and peaceful, and they use little laser guns on her trigger points instead of needles. Lynz can hardly keep her eyes open during the treatment - she gets so relaxed!

Dr Hilbert also did a lot of work on Lynzie's communication center - the root of her learning problems. After about 6 or so treatments (about a month), her kindergarten teacher asked me what I had been doing differently with Lynzie in the past month because she had noticed a dramatic difference in her. She went from only knowing her ABC's to being able to put the letters together to make words. She now knows all of her "snap" words, and she is reading on a level "C" which is right where a kindergartner should be. She is so proud of herself and now tries to read everything around her.

I am just so happy with our results! I tell everyone who has children with emotional or ADHD problems to go to "Dr Julie". She's amazing, and Lynzie absolutely loves her - and the entire staff. Everyone gets a "Lynzie hug" before we leave. Thanks so much!!

Jacqui Roell

I have been a long time patient of Dr. Hilbert's. I rec'd acupuncture yesterday for low back and hip pain. Today, I came back for massage therapy with Jeff. He is always spot on, courteous, and professional. Dr. Hilbert and Jeff always get me functioning again.

Yesterday, 2/27/12, I received acupunture for cramps in my feet. I have fibromyalgia and often experience foot cramps, numbness, and tingling. I have had NO cramps in my feet at all! Thank you Dr. Hilbert!!

Rebecca Henson

I received acupuncture from Dr Hilbert and really appreciated all the information that was given me. I feel it was very beneficial to my overall well-being.

Nora Suzanne Crane

I have been going to Dr. Hilbert for a little over a month doing acupuncture and chiropractic care for pain from osteoarthritis. Dr. Hilbert and her staff are friendly and genuinely care for the patients in the practice. Dr. Hilbert takes the time to listen to my concerns and answer any questions I have. So very pleased with the results I have received in a short time!

Tracey Taulbee

My Wife Barbara is a patient of Dr. Julie Hilbert. She finds her and the staff friendly and helpful. She got significant pain reduction in my hip and lower back with acupuncture in just two sessions. She is happy and so am I.

Harold Hechinger

I have been seeing Dr. Hilbert for about a month now and I have had significant relief! I have chronic back problems that I have been struggling with for over 4 years. Specifically- disc problems and an old injury (compressed vertebrae). She has been able to alleviate new back pain, as well as provide pain relief from my old injury with acupuncture and chiropractic adjustments. I haven't felt this much relief in four years! Furthermore, her "bed-side" manners are impeccable! She spends so much time with me during each visit. She answers every question to its fullest and provides great detail about the procedures and how they help my body. So happy I came to this office for pain relief! Thank you!

Amanda Ballman

Dr. Hilbert and Dr. Young have been helping our family for a couple years now. Very patient and good listeners. They don't rush through treatments to move on to the next appointment. Have been very helpful with our family's needs!

Stephen Lammers

Receiving acupuncture here has been a great experience! Dr. Hilbert is very warm and inviting. I have been dealing with IBD for quite some time among other things. The areas she focused on including stomach have made a positive difference for me. I will definitely be a life long patient.

Wendy R Glutz

Dr. Hilbert has been profoundly helpful concerning the overall health and well being of our son. She listened after a very long and frustrating history of doctors, tests, and physical therapy regarding chronic headaches which have plagued him since he was very young. She has been INSTRUMENTAL in her approach and therapy!! What was once chronic, without relief, has become infrequent and quickly resolved through acupuncture and chiropractic adjustments. For the first time he has actually been headache free. Without the debilitating pain, and Dr Hilbert's additional treatment for ADD through acupuncture, he has been able to truly focus on his studies for the first time in his academic years. His concentration has DRAMATICALLY improved! Dr, Hilbert is comprehensive, has a wonderful "bedside manner", and has given us hope for the first time. Just a great person and doctor!

M Geop

I have been a patient with West Chester Acupuncture and Chiropractic for 6 years. I learn something new from Young and or Hilbert on how to better take care of my body. Jim, a massage therapist, is able to relieve any pain I have by performing what I call a yoga massage, stretching and flexing muscle tissue. The front desk is always helpful too. Thanks West Chester Acupuncture and Chiropractic for your service in our community.

Carlena Lockhart

I have had adjustments, acupuncture, massage & electrical stim treatments over the last few years at different times from Dr. Hilbert, Dr. Young and Jeff the massage therapist. The treatments are specific to my needs. I never feel like I'm receiving 'cookie cutter treatment'. A number of issues that I had have been greatly improved and / or resolved. All the staff, including the front office are always professional yet warm & pleasurable to work with. I highly recommend this office to anyone new to these type of services as well as those looking for someone new.

Winky Clements

Dr. Hilbert is an amazing person and doctor. I drive 30 minutes, because it's completely worth it. Her expertise in medicine, in all areas is amazing. We've had many conversations about my overall health, and she always takes the time to discuss them. She makes me feel very welcome! I've been going for a while now, and will continue. My body has felt so much better. Not to mention, their staff is as wonderful as she and her husband ( Dr. Young ).

Shan Lenn

This is a Great place to go, As soon as you go in the atmosphere is calm , There's pretty women behind the desk to assist you, I really like Dr. Julie Hilbert shes funny ,friendly and very Helpful , My back was hurting from an old injury but she helped me fix that, God Bless you all

Tim Foley

THANK YOU DR. HILBERT! I have had a sore, swollen leg for a couple of weeks. I could barely walk on Wednesday. After making sure I did NOT have a blood clot, Dr. Hilbert did accupuncture on Friday. Today, my leg is almost back to normal size - the smallest it has been in 2 1/2 weeks and the pain is miniscule. The only recommendation from the MD was to wear compression stockings. Dr. Hilbert helped my body heal!

Linda Sullivan

Excellent service. Dr. Julie Hilbert analyzed the energy flow through the various meridian and provided a detailed explanation of the various aspects of acupuncture and the process . She used a device with monitor and that graphs the energy levels across the various meridians. She did an excellent job and seems to be very knowledgeable.

Today is my second day after the acupuncture and I am feeling great. The pain has reduced substantially. Overall, it was a great experience for me.

To get an acupuncture to relieve back pain. Member Comments: Excellent service. Dr. Julie Hilbert analyzed the energy flow through the various meridian and provided a detailed explanation of the various aspects of acupuncture and the process . She used a device with monitor and that graphs ithe energy levels across the various meridians. She did a excellent job and seems to be very knowledgable. Today is my second day after the acupuncture and I am feeling great. The pain has reduced substantially. Overall a great experience for me.

Sciatica. Experienced acupuncture which is very weird but most effective. They got me moving again and in a lot less pain! Member Comments: Do ask about acupuncture! It is an enlightening experience Dont be afraid to ask questions. Both Dr Hilbert and Dr Young are extremely knowledgeable Appointments run smoothly and are relieving. Thought is given to after care and maintenance.

Long history of low back pain due to spinal stenosis aggravated by scoliosis as well as shoulder pain. Member Comments: I have received chiropractic adjustments, massage therapy, as well as acupuncture. Dr. Julie Hilbert has taken very good care of me and has help me to minimize my discomfort. (I have been a challenge due to all my chronic pain issues!). Dr. Hilbert is very calming, listens well and offers great self help tips. I had no prior knowledge of the benefits of acupuncture for pain relief but was willing to try it with Dr. Hilbert's encouragement. This technique works! It has help minimize my pain as well as helped me with my coping skills to deal with pain. I encourage anyone to explore this avenue for pain relief.

The office staff are caring,friendly and helpful. The office is tastefully decorated and impeccably clean!

I absolutely love Dr Hilbert. She is #1 of my favorite doctors I’ve gone to in my 38 years. I’ve been seeing Dr Hilbert for over a year now. I also love the girls in the office, Katie and Marlo, who manage the daily business operations. They are always professional, friendly and helpful. It is rare anymore for a Doctors office (even in West Chester) to help you figure out your allowed insurance visits and out of pocket expenses, but they happily help you.I originally went to Dr Hilbert for neck and lower back pain, (due to my own overuse and thinking I’m still 18) which she had straightened out in a few visits. I see her now on a monthly maintenance basis. Member Comments: During my initial appointment, I brought 2-year old x-rays from another Chiropractor practice. What impressed me most about Dr Hilbert during that visit was she didn’t even look at the x-rays, nor did she take any. Instead, she did a series of full body flexibilitymeasurements, grip tests, alignment assessments and could immediately determine where my problem areas are and other areas of concern I wasn’t aware of. She immediately offered a plan to remedy all areas of concern and provided additional suggestions for therapy treatments, at home/work exercises and how to position pillows for sleeping. I was impressed. I came down with bronchitis and a respiratory infection a couple weeks ago. I’ve never had bronchitis before and I was miserable. I had an upcoming monthly adjustment appointment four days into finding out I had bronchitis and I considered rescheduling but I went anyway thinking it might give me a boost to get over the hump. (I had been on antibiotics for four days, and I’m very carful so to no getting anyone infected) That was the quickest respiratory recovery I’ve ever had in my life! She did extra adjustments on my neck, back and pressure treatments on my glands and nodes in my neck to help release congestion build up. (I felt incredible afterwards) We did four relatively consecutive appointments like this (maybe 1-2 days apart) and I felt 100% at my fourth visit. During this time, she also recommended I take 50mg of Zinc with 2mg of Copper (Solaray brand), which I think also aided in my speedy recovery. I’m so glad didn’t cancel my monthly adjustment!

Stacy l.

Dr. Hilbert was exceptional. She was concerned at each appointment with every ailment I was experiencing. She used acupuncture, massage therapy, and adjustments to address these. I have had a great response to her care. My pain is non- existent most days, and I feel much better than I have in years. I am now spreading out the appts., at her suggestion, and will hopefully maintain these good feelings. I highly recommend her and this practice. Don't give up if it takes some time. I had excellent response at first with major pain reduction. But then specific areas popped up that had to be dealt with more intensely. Now all is much better. (I have been under her care from Jan., 2013, until now.)

Joellen V.

I originally began chiropractic services with Dr. Hilbert and Dr. Young over 6 years ago for neck and shoulder pain. I am almost 100% better, but no fault to them as an automobile accident has caused irriversable damage. Currently I see both doctors for Chiropractic and Accupunture services. I also work with their massage therapists which has been a blessing. I highly recommend their services. Member Comments: I am very pleased with the services provided by Dr. Hilbert and Dr. Young. They provide many options for healing, are wonderful people, take their time to explain and work with you, and have helped me in my healing and overall well being.

Sheryl M.

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