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Foods that are Inflammatory

Foods that are Inflammatory!



Tomatoes, Potatoes (not yams), Green Peppers and Eggplants are 4 very inflammatory foods to the body. For example, if you have Osteoarthritis, eating these foods could make you become more symptomatic and inflamed. A common group that is very prone to nightshade inflammation from these foods are Italians where many of these 4 items are included in their daily food intake. These 4 foods are part of the nightshade family, which are extremely high in alkaloids. Alkaloids can impact nerve-muscle function and digestive function. Some people are more sensitive to these foods than others. Cooking can lower alkaloid content by 40-50%, but it is best to attempt a complete withdrawal of these foods for 3 months to see if your inflammatory symptoms improve. Wheat is not part of the nightshade family, but also promotes inflammation. Some people are more sensitive to wheat that others.

West Chester Chiropractor | Foods that are Inflammatory. Dr. Julie Hilbert and Dr. Burton Young is a West Chester Chiropractor.