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I'm writing this to rave about Dr Julie Hilbert!

About a month and a half ago I brought my 6 yr old daughter, Lynzie, to Dr Hilbert because she was having some ADHD-like behaviors such as anxiety, anger, and some learning issues. When she would get angry or frustrated, she'd bang her head and scream and cry (this happened every day, and sometimes, several times a day). She was also not able to read any of the kindergarten words that she should have been able to read by then and when I'd try to get her to try to read the simplest words (am, me, it, etc) she'd shut down because it frustrated her so much.

Dr Hilbert explained how Acupressure could work for her, and she explained that it is NEEDLELESS so she wouldn't feel a thing while she was receiving the treatment. So we tried it.

It was the best thing ever, and I wish I had done it sooner. We had unbelievable results! After ONE treatment, there was no head banging. None. She was so much more calm and relaxed - I was amazed. The treatment itself was like a spa treatment to Lynzie. The room is so calm and peaceful, and they use little laser guns on her trigger points instead of needles. Lynz can hardly keep her eyes open during the treatment - she gets so relaxed!

Dr Hilbert also did a lot of work on Lynzie's communication center - the root of her learning problems. After about 6 or so treatments (about a month), her kindergarten teacher asked me what I had been doing differently with Lynzie in the past month because she had noticed a dramatic difference in her. She went from only knowing her ABC's to being able to put the letters together to make words. She now knows all of her "snap" words, and she is reading on a level "C" which is right where a kindergartner should be. She is so proud of herself and now tries to read everything around her.

I am just so happy with our results! I tell everyone who has children with emotional or ADHD problems to go to "Dr Julie". She's amazing, and Lynzie absolutely loves her - and the entire staff. Everyone gets a "Lynzie hug" before we leave. Thanks so much!!

Jacqui Roell

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