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Acupuncture for Pain and ADD/ADHD


Acupuncture treatment is most famous for pain relief, but it can help with so much more. Visit the "About Acu" pages for the list of conditions that Acupuncture may help under "List of Conditions".

For example, one of the conditions we commonly treat and have had great success with in our office is Acupuncture for ADD/ADHD (children or adults). There are specific Acupuncture points to help with this condition, plus emotional points can be added into the treatment to help with specific issues such as anger or depression.

Treatment begins with a computerized analysis, called an EMI (used for over 50 years in Acupuncture) to assess, and if necessary balance the 12 primary meridian pathways of the body, followed by the ADD/ADHD Acupuncture formula. In our office, we can use a non-needle approach to stimulate the Acupoints (which you do not feel) using laser with microcurrent. It is just as effective as needle Acupuncture. Sometimes, but not always, it is necessary to supplement with a Traditional Chinese Medicine Herbal formula to further enhance the results.

We work with your medical doctor to gradually reduce any medications for ADD/ADHD as the patient improves. As a side note, we are passionate about offering this alternative treatment to parents because we witness the positive changes in the kids during treatment and the far-reaching improvement in their own lives and their families as they become free of the ADD/ADHD symptoms. It is not uncommon for them to ultimately get off the medication for ADD/ADHD and of course free of any side effects of the medications.

West Chester Chiropractor | ADD/ADHD. Dr. Julie Hilbert and Dr. Burton Young is a West Chester Chiropractor.