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Acute Knee/Leg Pain

I am writing to recommend West Chester Acupuncture and Chiropractic to anyone who is suffering in pain and forced into inactivity. After trying a variety of treatments elsewhere, I finally found the help I needed from Dr. Julie Hilbert and her wonderful staff. Her office is a beautiful and caring environment. The comfort and confidence of patients comes first. Communication is excellent. Real people answer the phone. You are always greeted by name and welcomed warmly. Financial arrangements are made clear and insurance questions are answered as treatment progresses.

Starting in October 2009, I had three months of knee and leg pain. I tried cortisone shots, physical therapy, took steroids and anti-inflammatory and pain pills, saw 3 different doctors - but wasn't getting any better. I was very discouraged because I've always been active, walking, swimming, playing tennis and skiing. I couldn't do any of these activities. I was on crutches two different weeks. Everything I tried to do hurt. My legs throbbed at night and were very sensitive to heat.

The other doctors I saw would treat only knees or only legs and prescribed alot of medicines. They ignored me when I talked about other symptoms, which they didn't treat. Dr. Hilbert was the first medical professional to really listen to me and to treat my body as a whole. I just knew all my aches and pains were related. After all, my knees connect to my legs and thighs and my back has all kinds of nerves that go to my legs. One doctor wanted to do exploratory surgery of my knees but that just didn't seem reasonable to me. It was time for a different approach. In late December, my friend, Carolyn, referred me to Dr. Hilbert. I was happy to learn that the office was "in-network" with my insurance, Medical Mutual of Ohio.

After several helpful Chiropractic and Qi-Gong treatments, I received quick benefits, but Dr. Hilbert thought for the remaining symptoms that Acupuncture would be very beneficial for me. I am a big chicken (I don't even have my ears pierced) but at this point I was so desperate to feel better and return to activity and so trusting of Dr. Hilbert that I readily agreed to try it. I am a retired history teacher and I knew that there had to be something valuable in the thousands of years of Chinese study of medicine and the human body.

I soon learned there is nothing to be afraid of with Acupuncture. The rooms in the office are beautiful and comfortable. You feel like you are at a spa. I just close my eyes and relax. The tiny hair-thin stainless steel needles and low-frequency currents don't hurt. The needles are gently tapped in. If you don't want needle Acupuncture, Dr. Hilbert has a method of doing Acupuncture without them, using laser with microcurrent that you won't even feel, but is still just as powerful. Dr. Hilbert used the laser with microcurrent to help heal a deep cut which greatly enhanced the healing time.

The treatments have given me dramatic results until my pains are almost totally diminished. The Chinese believe that by stimulating certain areas of the body, the body can heal itself. I think they are right! I wish I had come to this office as soon as I had problems.

One of my last problems to resolve was sensitivity to heat (I couldn't get in warm water) since this problem began in October 2009. Dr. Hilbert used Acupuncture points specific for someone who is sensitive to heat and it was fixed in one treatment. I appreciate that Dr. Hilbert researches specific remedies for what you need help with. She studies about what each individual patient needs and re-tests to check progress.

Dr. Hilbert has told me she has a special place in her heart for children with ADD/ADHD. She said she has helped many children with ADD/ADHD using laser with microcurrent to stimulate the correct acupoints. As a former teacher, I can believe Acupuncture would be very valuable for children with these problems. The energy flow in the body is a very real phenomenon that can easily get out of kilter. Dr. Hilbert can help with many ailments. Just ask her and she will do her best to get you going. She will also encourage you to make good decisions about health care - including vitamins, supplements and exercise.

I will be back to the office in three weeks now (instead of three times in one week - which is where I started out due to all my pains and problems) and I am feeling great. Thanks to Dr. Hilbert I am getting back to my activities. I will use West Chester Acupuncture and Chiropractic whenever I have physical problems in the future. I encourage you to do so as well!

I haven't tried the massages the office has available downstairs but my friend Carolyn says they are wonderful! They are part of her "wellness" routine. Whether well or in pain, West Chester Acupuncture and Chiropractic is a valuable partner for life well lived!

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